No Enrollment Fee for disabled veterans or their spouses!

What you get…

FFL is owned & operated by veterans..

Beginning today & everyday, from this moment on, there will never again be an enrollment fee for military veterans or their spouses…

With all the love in our hearts,

How you get it…

To get your free enrollment, simply let us know that you are a veteran… We can take care of the rest!

To show your eligibility forĀ  simply bring in your VA paper showing a minimum of 50% disability, we’ll make a quick copy of it and you can start right away!

We believe that we have lost far too many of our Warriors at peace time & we’ve seen our program save the lives of veterans in the past. NOW, we are opening it up to all of them who may need us.

So, if you know a veteran that could use our FFL WARRIORS Program, please help us to find them. Enroll them below, call our facilities, send us an email or a FB message.

Warrior Up!

Thanks for serving!! !!BAM!!



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