We’re all family.
That’s how we treat you!

We are the only true 24 hour fitness center in the area, open 365 days, providing full access for members. We offer everything you need to have a great workout and gym experience.

  • Free weight area
  • Barbells, dumbells
  • Machines, including 25 cardio machines
  • Power lifting area
  • Cross fit area

More Benefits

  • It’s clean. Super clean!
  • All equipment is working and serviced regularly
  • One on one, and group training classes available
  • Complimentary bottle water and towel service
  • Accountability (benefit of a small gym)
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Ken Stone

Life coach and educator of a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about a lifestyle change for me. All components working together to achieve your goals as well as educate you along the way to be able to do this on your own, I implement:

  • Resistance training
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Cardio workout
  • Food prep / keeping food journal
  • Accountability

I use Multiple Unique training styles based on your goals to help you achieve your goals. NASM Certified. 36 year training experience. I practice what I preach.

John Mills

NASM certified. 10 years experience – bootcamp, group classes, 1 on 1 training. Helped over 300 people achieve their fitness goals. “A training lifestyle is different than any other. It requires dedication, consistency, sacrifice, perseverance, endurance, and drive. All of those character traits transcend the realm of fitness, and fit right in to any walk of life.”

IG – @fortworthfitness

Monte “Coach” Hay

My name is Monte Hay and I’m originally from Williston, South Carolina. I served on active duty in the United States Marine Corps for 26 years and retired as a Master Sergeant. I specialize in individual personal training, CrossFit, HIIT, and Group Training. My training style is intense as I feel that everyone has everything inside of them to push beyond the expectations. I also meet people where they are and coach them to become better. I always believe in putting everyone in positions to become successful. It’s not important to just tell them what to do, it’s a must to show them what to do. Being the example and staying committed to seeing others succeed is a must for me.

Greg Young

Greg is a NASM certified personal trainer and is passionate about physical fitness and coaching others to attain their fitness goals. With a background in competitive powerlifting, Greg has gained extensive knowledge of strength, core, and stability training as well as cardiovascular fitness and overall wellness. Programs are designed to meet each individuals fitness level and to their goals along with an ongoing encouragement to live a fitness lifestyle.

David Hickman

I’ve been a professional Personal Trainer for over 40 years in Fort Worth. I’m Cooper Personal Trainer, Cooper Master Training, Bio-mechanics, TRX, and Spin Bike certified. I love to change lives through nutrition and strength. I’ve trained everyone from professional athletes to seniors.

Anthony Hickman

25 years Certified Personal Trainer, celebrating 22 years at Fit For Life. NASM Certified since 2007. Sport Nutrition, Certified Kids in motion. Specializing in weight loss sport specific & performance, injury rehab. I have a passion for fitness performance and wellness, transforming lives, improving a better quality of life, and increasing performance. I work with middle school, high school, and college athletes to geriatric to help maintain a healthy quality of life.

Stephen Mikel

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. I will encourage you and will keep you accountable. I specialize in:

  • Functional & core training
  • Fat loss & muscle building
  • Strength & conditioning
  • General & aerobic fitness